Airbags are a wonderful thing, but they're also pretty violent. Although they're softer than metal or glass, an unexpected airbag, apparently, really hurts.

Here, video shows a driver at a track on the wrong side of an airbag false alarm.

We can't help but feel bad for this guy, who doesn't seem to have anything particularly wrong apart from maybe taking a bit more curb than the Camaro expected.

Fortunately, he wasn't near anybody and his injuries appear to be pretty mild, but still the repairs won't be fun to make and given the location of the incident, we can't help but wonder how his insurers will react.

GM Authority reports that similar incidents have been happening since the fifth-gen Camaro, which Chevy explained as an unfortunate side-effect of curtain airbags at the time. Since curtain airbags sometimes have to react before an impact (e.g. in a rollover) sensors have to predict accidents. According to the video description, the car got too much air and thought it was in trouble.

Also in the video description, the owner explains that his right is paralyzed, explaining his seemingly relaxed driving style.