Kyle Vogt, the CEO of GM's recently acquired autonomous driving company, Cruise Automation, recently posted a video of an Chevrolet Bolt EV driving itself around San Francisco.

The video shows the car successfully meanders through stop-and-go traffic in downtown Frisco, obeying all traffic laws, cautiously avoiding stopped cars, yielding to pedestrians and even picking up a passenger. Both Vogt and GM's president Dan Ammann were along for the ride.
Unfortunately Vogt's video was shot from a dash cam so there's no visual evidence of the Bolt driving without human intervention besides a small indicator showing the car is operating in autonomous mode; but based the speed it travels and the overtly cautious way it navigates obstacles would seem to indicate self-driving software is in control.

The Bolt in Vogt's video is said to be identical to a standard production one; all Chevrolet Bolts are believed to have latent autonomous capability baked in from the factory waiting for the day they can roam freely with Cruise's groundbreaking software.

This is one of several Bolt EVs testing autonomous technology in San Francisco, Detroit, and Scottsdale, with the intention of launching a fleet of fully autonomous Bolts which can be requested through an app. It's unclear when GM could start offering this program to consumers however.