Running for Congress is pretty cool. Pulling a Rockford (or a J turn or whatever you prefer to call it) in a Camaro to announce your run is even cooler. And saying you learned how to do it while being a CIA agent is the coolest.

Valerie Plame is apparently looking to make sure that there are no dull moments in her memoir as she fills yet another chapter with yet another wild story. Between being a CIA agent, having her identity leaked by Scooter Libby, and raising a family in New Mexico, it's safe to say that her siblings are intimidated at the Thanks Giving table.

To make the point that she believes the country is going backwards on national security, women's rights, and healthcare, she drives what appears to be a manual Camaro backwards before turning things around. If only Beto had handbrake turned a Spark into a parking space he might have become a Senator.

Watch the video below.