When the C8 came out, we heard all about the advantages of a mid-engine layout. Actually, a rear-mid-engine layout. Now, we're getting some evidence of the advantage of having the weight over the rear wheels.

The latest video evidence comes from Canada's Throttle House. The channel pitted the 490 hp C8 Corvette against an 840 hp Demon.

No one would expect the Demon to beat the Corvette around a track, but you would expect the considerably more powerful car to win on the drag strip. The Corvette's ability to get its power down, though proves to be an advantage in the standing quarter mile.

In the race, the C8 jumps to an early lead and holds on to win. The Corvette's balance of weight advantage may also have been helped by its sum of weight advantage here. The Corvette weighs about 900 lbs less than the Demon.

In the rolling race, though, the Corvette's advantages can't beat the heavyweight Demon's power advantage.

Still, it's an impressive feat for the Corvette to have pulled off and goes to show that it's not always about power, it's about how you put it down.