If you aren't familiar with the Australian burnout car, then you're missing out. See, authorities down under have taken a particular hatred to anyone who wants to make an exhibition of power in any way on the open road. Even Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton got a ticket for spinning his wheels.

But instead of driving the skids out of existence, it's moved them to the track. Massively powerful cars take to closed courses and spin the tires until they won't spin no more. More than that, they turn it into an art. With slides, spins, and other moves that are two parts punishment and once part drifting.

Hoonigan Garage has headed down under to take a look at one of the best. This absolutely massive Holden VE Commodore.

It starts with a massive blower on top of the 6.0L V8. The owner says it makes 1,100 hp. And instead of using that power to go fast, it uses it to burn the tires to the ground. Strangely, it uses a two-speed Powerglide trans.

It looks all-stock inside, and it's actually still street legal.

So watch, listen, and you can virtually smell the smoke.