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Washington DC

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Well my father works at a Chevrolet/HUMMER/Mitsu dealer and he won a trip to Washington DC through GM for being a good Sales Manager. He wins every year but it's always cruises for him and my mom, but my brother and I get to go this time so It's really exciting. Apparently we go with other winners in a little group and tour washington DC blah blah blah :p but yeah so I'm leaving Friday and I might bring my laptop because the hotel has internet connection but if not I wish everyone good luck in the banshee contest (VOTE FOR ME! lol) and see everyone later. I'll probably still be posting around but for all my fans this is goodbye for now! :p :p B)

Wow really long and you probably dont care but Oh well it gave you something to read. :p :D
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I've been to Washington so many times, I'm sick of it....but you do have fun. It is a great place (if you haven't been there so many times...)
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