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Wanted: Malibu LTZ-V6, Saturn Aura XR-V6 - States near ontario.

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Hey, any dealers looking for a sale?

I'm looking for a Saturn Aura XR-V6 or Malibu LTZ-V6. They are extremely over priced in Canada. Looking for a model with options landing it between 25,000-28,000 AMD.

Regards, Corrie.
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did you stop and think by the time you pay the extra 4-7 points in interest thru your bank, GM here is 1.9, guessing a bank loan will be 8-9% and ship it over and inspect it and hassle blah blah, whatever, warranty for at least hte first 6 months, maybe it really worth it..
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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