The regular cab versions of Chevy's RST and Trail Boss Silverados sure are cool, aren't they? What's that? We don't get them here? Hmm. Well, how about the two-door GMC Sierra Elevation and AT4? What? They don't exist? Well, they all do in the Middle East. So naturally, we want to show them to you.

We'll start with the GMC models. Because they debuted first, and because GMC apparently sells better than Chevrolet over there.

The regular cab AT4 gets four-wheel drive standard, and it's packing a low-range Autotrac transfer case. A locking rear diff joins the low-range box along with a 2-inch lift, Rancho shocks, skid plates, and hill descent control.

Basically the same as the AT4 we get here, but with fewer seats and doors. Same with the Elevation, though it gets Traction Select and a monochromatic exterior.

Both get only the 355 hp 5.3L V8 and six-speed auto under the hood and come with GMC's MultiPro multi-position tailgate.

The Chevy versions are also 5.3-only/6AT only. And again, it's most of the same options as you'd find on the trucks here. The Trail Boss gets a lift, more aggressive tires, and other off-road goodies. And a Roll-Over Airbag Deactivation Switch.

That's right. Head for the dunes and you can turn the airbags off. Not that we're sure you'd want to, but hey, it's an option. The RST gets a similar monochromatic treatment.

So what gives, GM? These regular cabs are pretty sweet. Why not spread some love and see if buyers here aren't still interested in cool trucks for two?