Miss the GMC Syclone, but not exactly thrilled by the idea of driving a 1991 GMC Sonoma? No matter how much power it makes? Well, you might not be the only one. So Specialty Vehicle Engineering is making a new one. With way more power.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering used to be SLP. A name you'll know from the fastest factory Firebirds and Camaros of the late 1990s, for a start. They never went away, they just changed names. The company continues to build faster versions of GM cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Like this one. The 2019 GMC Syclone Sport Truck. 455 hp. The hard way. That's because just like the original, this one uses a V6 engine and boost to put big power in a little truck.

In this case, it's a supercharger, not a turbo, huffing and puffing on the 3.6L V6 that normally sits under the Canyon's hood. Putting out 455 hp, which is 147 more than it left the factory with.

Of course, you can't add that much power without making some other changes too. So the Syclone gets new brakes. Six-piston front calipers with 13.6-inch rotors. And a sport suspension package that drops it 2.0-inches up front and five in the rear. That includes new traction bars, spring bushings, new shocks, and a rear sway bar. A stainless cat-back dual exhaust lets the sound and power exit under the rear bumper.

Cosmetic upgrades include the Syclone graphics as well as a hood insert with 455hp badging, rocker sill extensions, more badges, a body-color front grille, and 20-inch wheels. Inside, there is custom trim with more badges and a numbered dash plaque. Because SVE is only building 100 of these.

The package is available on 2019 GMC Canyon extended cabs, in two or four-wheel drive.