Hennessey drops insane power numbers like most people drop phones, but their latest Catholic Camaro has as many hundred hp as Jesus had apostles.

That's right, the Camaro Resurrection makes 1,200 hp and follows hot on the heels of the 1,000 hp Camaro Exorcist-both cheeky nods to Dodge's Demon.

To make that many apocalyptic horses, Hennessey banishes the Camaro's standard LT4, and replaces it with the Corvette's LT5.

From that 755 hp base, Hennessey draws more power with prayers and also a ported supercharger and heads, upgraded valve train components, a beefy cam, long-tube headers, and a full exhaust system.

To keep up with all the extra air being pumped through the car, Hennessey has also upgraded the Resurrection's fuel system and fitted a bigger intercooler.

Miraculously, Hennessey has somehow found a six-speed manual that can manage all of that horsepower (with an upgraded Centerforce clutch), but buyers can also use a 10-speed auto, if they're so inclined.

Hennessey promises 0-60 times of 2.3 seconds and quarter-mile times of 9.3 seconds from the Resurrection. It will also offer a 1 year, 12,000-mile warranty-which feels weird to write about a car with quadruple-digit horsepower.

What feels less weird is the price, which is around $200,000. But you're unlikely to see another driving around because Hennessey is only building 24 Resurrections.