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VXR - The new performance brand from Vauxhall
Inspired by the continuing success of VX Racing

Cars to feature powerful engines, excellent dynamics and looks to match
Following on from the unmitigated success of the VX220 and Monaro, Vauxhall is proud to present its new performance brand, VXR. Vauxhall has for some time boasted the largest range of ‘sporting’ versions of any mainstream car maker. With VXR, Vauxhall takes the sporty theme several steps on.

Inspired by Vauxhall’s VX Racing team’s outstanding success in the British Touring Car Championship in recent years, VXR models will offer buyers exactly what they’ve been asking for – good looks, unparalleled performance, exclusivity and value for money – with the added bonus of the brand’s BTCC legacy.

The influence of Vauxhall’s racing heritage will be apparent both by sight and sound; from the internal and external styling cues through to the tuned engines and sports exhausts. And, naturally, once behind the wheel and on the road, the cars’ DNA will be self-evident.

VXR isn’t just about blatting around at speed however, it’s a concept born out of the desire to enjoy driving to the full whether you’re on the school run or powering down an autobahn. So, while it’s undeniable that the VXR cars will be quicker than other models in the Vauxhall range, they will also offer maximum driver enjoyment from their dynamics and more driving excitement than you can shake a stick at.

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Originally posted by bigals87z28@May 23 2004, 08:17 AM
so basicly LS2's in Astras? hehehehe, YES!!
Actualy, a lot of this can trickle down to GM NA's performance with the likes of turbo 4cyls.
I thought they had Northstars :unsure:
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