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What new vehicle should be Car of the Year? The decision is up to you!

The Reader’s Choice Car of the Year Awards are back and we’re once again giving you the opportunity to vote on what the best car of 2015 should be.

In addition to the overall Car of the Year award, there are six other categories where you can vote for your favorite including Truck of the Year, Sports Car of the Year, Green Car of the Year, Utility Vehicle of the Year, Luxury Car of the Year and Luxury Utility Vehicle of the Year.

Voting will run until November 9th and once we tabulate all the results, the winners will be announced November 20th. Then we’ll be presenting each of the automakers with a legit award that they’ll proudly display.

Oh, and for voting, you’ll be entered to win a set of BF Goodrich tires!

Your vote counts, so vote today right here.

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That was dead easy, l would be happy to buy all of them that l voted for except the green car.

COTY - Ford Mustang
Luxury car - Cadillac ATS Coupe
Luxury utility - Cadillac Escalade
Sports car - Ford Mustang
Truck - Ford F-150 (Sorry Colorado an awesome truck, but rear cab side glass blind spot, kills a vote/sale stone dead)
Green car - Did not like any of them
Utility - Chevrolet Suburban

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Hey my Triple Yellow GT on order is there in front. Went and voted for it. Would be handy to have a set of winter tires seeing that my order might show up in December with Summer tires on it. I can let you know Autoguide where to send those tires. ;)

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Any list with two Camrys and two RCs arranged so as not to split their votes - is no list @ all.

Wait, lets try that again.

Any list with 'a' Camry is...... no list @ all.
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