GM isn't interested in producing half-baked hybrids anymore and wants to focus on pure EVs instead, according to its President, Mark Reuss.

Reuss reportedly told investors last Friday that it's all or nothing when it comes to electrification, casting doubt on a Volt followup.

"Hybrids are just countermeasures to an internal-combustion engine," Reuss said. Adding that GM "can't spend money to force the customer to carry around extra stuff they may not need."

Although the second generation plug-in hybrid Volt only premiered in 2016, Chevrolet has already decided to discontinue the model. With the shut down of the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant, the Volt died an ignoble death late last year.

Reuss's comments also follow GM's decision to lay off a large portion of the employees at the plant that made the Volt's batteries.

GM had previously indicated that it would build a hybrid crossover to follow the Volt, but these comments and actions seem to indicate that no such vehicle is imminent.

Cadillac, meanwhile, announced that it would lead GM's new generation of EVs with an electric crossover set to arrive in about three years. That EV is set to be built on a dedicated, flexible electric platform that will underpin a whole range of Cadillacs as well as a range of non-Cadillacs.

[source: GM Authority]