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VIDEO: Land Rover Discovery Sport First Drive

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Land Rovers are known for being able to go pretty much anywhere, so when it came to testing out the brand’s latest we traveled to quite literally the ends of the earth to do so.

And where better than Reykjavik, Iceland to put Land Rover’s claims about its new Discovery Sport to the test?

What is a Discovery Sport?

Land Rover’s product lineup isn’t very well understood, even though most folks are well aware of the brand. A common misunderstanding involves the Range Rover name, which, like the Discovery, is a model in the overall lineup.

The Discovery Sport is the first of a new line of products designed to target a more mainstream audience.

A more on-road focused Land Rover, it’s competing in the hot compact premium crossover segment alongside the likes of the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, but don’t for a second think its capability has been watered down.
Off the Beaten Path

Quite the contrary. Land Rover says each Discovery model will be the most versatile in its class and we put that to the test, driving through a landscape that looked at times like Middle Earth and at others like the Planet Hoth.

Climbing over lava rocks, along snow-covered cliffs and across sheets of ice, we even traversed a river that was far deeper than you’d ever think of driving in. After dropping into the flowing current from an icy shoreline the sound of the water rushing past the car’s doors was both amazing and terrifying. Water tight, Land Rover claims the truck can safely wade through two feet of water. Crawling along the riverbed, the force of the current was obvious, requiring a significant level of counter steer just to stay on course before popping out the other side.

While not an editorial policy, we generally avoid referring to crossovers as “trucks”. After experiencing the level of its capabilities, the Discovery Sport is worth an exception to the rule.

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