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I just got off the phone with GM Performance Parts:

The stock number for the Vibe's Supercharger is:

Retail approx $3000.00 (US)
Dealer anticipates 4-8 hrs labor for install.

***Remember: this is only for the BASE VIBE. It won't be installed (and/or warranted) for the VIBE AWD or GT***

Looks like it's a 30% increase in hp (up from 130 to 169-170hp)
and only a 18% increase in torque (up from 125 to 149-150lb-ft)

Sounds like plenty of scoot for a 2700lb car!

Just remember to get the 5 speed!

Rock on!
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Wait a second........ in theory, you can bolt the supercharger onto the Corolla?? LOL! HOORAY! :zippy:
I was browsing late last night. Good group of people. Anyway, there seems to be a TRD equivalent of the 1.8L supercharger avaliable at your local Toyota dealers.
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