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I just got off the phone with GM Performance Parts:

The stock number for the Vibe's Supercharger is:

Retail approx $3000.00 (US)
Dealer anticipates 4-8 hrs labor for install.

***Remember: this is only for the BASE VIBE. It won't be installed (and/or warranted) for the VIBE AWD or GT***

Looks like it's a 30% increase in hp (up from 130 to 169-170hp)
and only a 18% increase in torque (up from 125 to 149-150lb-ft)

Sounds like plenty of scoot for a 2700lb car!

Just remember to get the 5 speed!

Rock on!
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I wasn't aware that they wouldn't install it on the AWD. I thought that was kind of the point...

Needless to say, the FWD is still pretty tough in the snow, and the supercharger just makes it better when the weather is nice.

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