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Originally posted by bigals87z28@Apr 9 2004, 01:48 PM
ahaha Kelly is having an orgasim. She loves the solstice. That solstice is a HUGE car!! Your gunna tell me a V8 cant fit in there!! BS!! That, or Kelly, Regis and that guy are 5 ft tallk. This looks about the size of the of the last Camaro then the Miata.

now the 6 series.
I agree. I didn't see the show today (my tv broke :angry: and I was out of state buying a camaro :woot2: )

anyhoo, after seeing the home video of NYIAS by Kahnhdom on this board, the solstice looks just big enough to fit a v8 in. The nomad definitely looks big enough. granted there wouldn't be much elbow room left under the hood but, can't the engineers and designers figure out how to make on fit? I've got an article that has a Nash Metropolitan with a big block 454 under the hood, you can't tell me GM can't get a small v8 in there, or aleast the turbo I5. GM already stretched the kappa for the Nomad...
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