With the sale of Vauxhall to PSA, the outlook was bleak for the brand's VXR performance line. The Corsa VXR hot hatch and the Holden-based VXR8 monster sedan were both gone from dealer showrooms. In its place, PSA had added GSi branded cars that were aimed at being sophisticated instead of hardcore.

Now a Vauxhall spokesperson has told the UK's Carbuyer that the VXR brand will live. "We haven't lost this sporting brand, and it will remain at the forefront of performance motoring in the mainstream," Carbuyer was told. Better yet for UK enthusiasts, VXR models "will always be a hardcore offering, with a jump in performance as well as very focused dynamics."

It's probably not much of a surprise. The Corsa is changing over to Peugeot 208 underpinnings, and the 208 GTi is no slouch. Citroen's own DS3 Racing isn't exactly a bad act to follow either. So Vauxhall's new PSA parents know how to build a hot hot hatch.

Until they arrive, buyers will just have to settle for cars like the Insignia Grand Sport GSi. Which just happened to be 12 seconds faster around the 'Ring than the VXR despite a 65 hp deficit. A Corsa GSi is also on the way.

[source: Carbuyer]