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NO! The move away from coloured badges is much better! The colours clash with the paint on most of the cars. Lots of people take the colour out themselves when possible. I hate the gold Bow Tie on my Silverado and this summer, it will be going black to match the rest of the truck. Buick dropped the colours off of the tri-shield a while ago and it looks much better. Pontiac needs to drop the red (but not in favour of that redesigned badge. I didn't like that) and the same goes for Saturn and GMC. The GM chicklets they put on the cars were thankfully silver, not blue. Imagine how silly blue ones would look. :rolleyes: The only badge in GM's stable that should keep the colours is Cadillac. The redesign was good and it would just not look right all silver. The rest don't need colours IMO.

I like this new badge for Vaulhall. :yup:

You're completely cuckoo!!
The GM brands that have lost their color to their badges look lifeless. Esp. the Buick badge. Pontiac should keep the red. GMC should keep the red in theirs also. The redesigned Oldsmobile badge looked good, though a bit of color may not have hurt. The Corvette's badge should stay as is along w/Cadillacs'. Hummer doesn't even have a badge. Saab's badge is fine. Though a tweaking/redesign w/color in it may be cool. The Holden badge is fine. Opel's badge looks fine as well. I'm not sure if Daewoo has a badge. Its hard to remember if the cars they sold here as Daewoo's before GM bought them, had any.
This new Vauxhall badge looks ok. I would think a "V" in a circle w/a Griffin's head in the "jaws" of the "V" would look better. Perhaps w/color in it to! :)

GM should stop trying to copy Toyota(& whoever else) & its brands in this regard.

The badges on Chrysler's & its 2 other brands within are fine. Dodge's badge looks the best. I don't think Jeep really has a badge.

Ford's badge will probably never change. Mercury's should be updated/changed but w/some color in it. Lincoln's could probably use an update.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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