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V8 Supercar Racing Game

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Check out and Download 2005V8SC Its got 2006 skins but thats not really the point on what the look like they go hard.

This MOD is good offline but even better online, it is great fun :cool:. You can find information about this in the forum.

Its a Nascar heat MOD so once you get started you can carry on and download other MODs like the Group C, Derby cars, Le mans, Aus Classic's, Vintage Trans Am, Sports Car GTS, Nascars, CTS (nascar utes), and a huge amount of Dirt MODs. And the list goes on and on over 1000 MODs have been made and anyone can make them.

The same goes with tracks almost every track you can think of has been made from Adelaide to Bathurst, Daytona, Indi500, Zolder Le Mans, and a huge amount of Dirt tracks.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions:)

Cheers Harding:cool:
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Just trying to get a bit of advertising, I wasn't sure what forum to put the thread into though.

Spam is a very dirty word:)
You are sailing very close to the wind with this thread, mate.

GMI donen't allow promotion threads, except from paying sponsers.
oh sorry if admin feel this thread is inappropriate feel free to delete it.

Its just we are needing a few more numbers otherwise our fun will go down and we will be reduced to single player:(
Don't worry mate, I know that feeling, I am always on Gunz and BF2(when I'm not on GMI).
BF2 is slowly losing it's players and servers to BF2142.:(

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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