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Well its about four years later and the upper ball joint has failed. :(
At the time, the replacement was a "top of the line" NAPA brand upper ball joint. (Yah right, :rotf:)

This time around I am trying the Moog brand upper ball joint
(made in the USA, No. K6696) $82Cdn. (Supposed to be top of the line too :rotf:)[email protected]/in/photostream
Moog and Federal Mogul are the way to go with these kind of parts. Surprised to hear that the upper ball joint failed... the lower joint is the one generally under more stress, as it holds the vehicle up... the top really only has to hold the knuckle vertical under cornering. Whenever I've done ball joints, the lowers were in much worse shape.


BTW, I usually freeze the ball joints in a ziplock baggy (to keep them dry) before I install 'em. Easier to get in.
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