[Update: GM has confirmed Trump's tweets, saying it will add 450 jobs with investments at the DMAX plant in Moraine, the Toledo transmission plant, and its Parma metal center.

"In response to General Motors' announcement today, the UAW's position is unequivocal: General Motors should assign a product to the Lordstown facility and continue operating it," Terry Dittes, head of the UAW's GM Department, added in a statement.]

In a pair of tweets sent out this morning, President Trump said that GM will be selling its Lordstown Assembly pant to electric pickup makers, Workhorse.

In the tweets, Trump also claimed that GM will spend $700 million in three Ohio locations.

According to the president, the news follows a conversation with GM CEO Mary Barra.

....in 3 separate locations, creating another 450 jobs. I have been working nicely with GM to get this done. Thank you to Mary B, your GREAT Governor, and Senator Rob Portman. With all the car companies coming back, and much more, THE USA IS BOOMING!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 8, 2019
The Lordstown plant formerly made the Chevrolet Cruze, but was among the plants that GM announced late last year it would be idling. The company is currently designing a prototype delivery vehicle in the hopes of landing a contract with the USPS. The company also recently released an electric pickup concept.

Trump added, though, that the plan is still awaiting UAW approval.