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Because China's currency is pegged to the dollar, there are very few environmental or labor laws that are enforced in China, Chinese factories do not have to pay $8,000 a year for health insurance, they don't have to pay 7.5% for social security, they don't have to pay unemployment benefits or worker comp insurance, and China does not have any ever increasing minimum wage.

That's why.

Thats also why you see record high gas prices, a strain on natural resources - stone, steel, cement, etc. Keep sending our jobs overseas America and keep buying all that cheap Chinese crap! Your only shooting yourself in the foot. Why in the world would we want to boost the chinese economy even further??? I'd rather know my neighbor down the street has a good job at an American factory making jeans for $50 a pair and can send his kids to college, etc. than what we have now. Buying jeans for $12.99 and seeing that same neighbor who now works at walmart is practically starving.

Is walmart's stock price worth the death of a nation?
1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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