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It's true that 4 of the 5 under-appreciated brands are from Detroit, but Dodge, Saturn, Pontiac, and Chevy are all on the "actual quality is lower than perceived quality" list. So, the article title is misleading.

Those charts would be more interesting if they [1] mentioned what perceived quality is for these brands (would make the percentage difference more meaningful), [2] listed exactly how they determine the quality ratings (beyond simply saying they track reliability for 3 years), and [3] provided sales figures (to help put this in perspective).

Seeing VW on the less-reliable-than-people-think doesn't surprise me at all (VWs in Europe are very well-built, but the ones we get in the USA aren't). However, this quote surprised me:
VW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder says he prefers to be where he is — on the over-appreciated list. "I'd rather have an actual quality problem than a perceptual one, because we can fix the actual problem faster than the perceptual one."
Duh. The question is, why the Hell did he just say that in an article that the public's going to read? He might as well have said "We know VWs are crappy cars, but the nimrod consumers don't know that and the suckers keep buying them anyway! Bwuhahaha!!!! Ooh wait... you're not going to print that, are you?"

By trying to spin this to VW's advantage, he actually made his company look worse.
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