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Two Mode Hybrid CTS

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I think that GM will benefit greatly for having the two mode system from the Tahoe installed in the CTS. The two mode system would show the world that Cadillac has the know how to make cars unnecessarily better. Before this new system is installed on any other car, I think the CTS should get the system as an option. It's a higher end car with a high margin already, so GM can charge a $10,000 option on a $35,000 car and still make friends.

2009 Cadillac CTS
This should be the top priority to the GM two mode hybrid program.

Once it is out on the CTS, GM needs to move to the front drive vehicles like the Lambda crossovers, the Saturn Vue, and eventually the Epsilon II cars.

Perhaps the future Cobalt can showcase the technology and be the first mid-priced GM sedan with the two mode system. 45mpg for $25,000 should bring in some sales.
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bas+ would be cheaper and almost as efficent
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