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Being a Texan and having lived in San Antonio for 10 years I can say with certainty that Toyota isn't going to steal the market any time soon for the following reasons:

1) We already make trucks (SUV's) here in Texas as was already noted
2) No self respecting UT or A&M guy would drive a Toyota or Nissan wanabe truck
3) There is something rugged about the Big Three that Toyota and Nissan just haven't found yet. When was the last time anyone saw a Ranch Hand Bumper on a Tacoma or Titan. (if you don't know what a Ranch Hand Bumper is then you don't know the Texas truck market)
4) Contrary to what Nocturn_Bird said, most people here in Texas are proud of our Texas spirit. If he didn't like it, then I am glad he moved. National and state pride run hand in hand down here.

Toyota will never be The Truck of Texas, or San Antonio... no matter how many "Toyota Town" adds they run on the radio and TV.
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