Through the first six months of 2019, most brands have seen a sales dip - with one big exception.

That exception is, of course, Ram. Fresh off a successful rethink of both the 1500-series and Heavy Duty lines, the FCA brand is ringing up sales faster than a Sno-Cone stand on a hot day. In fact, Ram has consistently outsold Silverado this entire year, chalking up a difference of nearly fifty thousand units through to the end of June.

Why? Competitors will point to an alleged cubic acre of cash on the hoods of new Rams, while the company itself will surely point out their just-right styling choices and sumptuous interior. Your author takes this opportunity to mention it's worth remembering that Ram is selling both old and new 1500-series pickup trucks side by each on dealer lots, creating a volume of sales that's borne out in the numbers you see here. Ford, for its part, is number one by a long shot.

Two models which have generated a lot of ink on these digital pages over the last six months - Ranger and Gladiator - are both off to solid starts. The latter numbers will surely explode as the calendar flips into the latter part of this year once production gets ramped up and dealers start stocking the things. Ranger is handily outselling Canyon, by the way.

At Toyota, a new Tundra can't come soon enough, with its sales seeming to have settled in at around the 55,000 unit mark. Rumors of a snazzy fresh machine for 2021 abound, including whispers of a V6 hybrid version packing EV-like acceleration. The mid-size Tacoma continues to post gains, despite being older than Methuselah and offering a ride quality which is approximately as comfortable as being stabbed.

The initial rush of customers for Nissan's new Titan is waning, as it seems like everyone who wanted one at launch has been sated. Fans of the brand can expect some interior changes in the coming model year, including some new infotainment tech. Frontier continues to trade on a tried-and-true value proposition, offering a reliable truck at a rock bottom price on its way to selling roughly the same number of units as it had this time last year.

What does the rest of the year bring? New models and trims, hopefully. Bring it on.

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