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Trawling through Carpoint rehashed now with yellow sportwagon

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As most of us know Holden always samples it's new colours on some random model, like Atomic and Crunch just before they were released. Now that Crunch has been "retired" and Holden seems to be at MY09.87 with it's updates (I'm an avid trainspotter) I thought I'd have a gander through Carpoint for any other updates/possible future changes.

Found this. The colour is called Hazard. I'm a little meh. I don't know if yellow suits the sedan. I didn't like it on the VZ sedan either.

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Is it the same yellow as the Monaro? Looks awfully similar
LOL, he reckons the stereo alone is worth 75k. Ahahaha.
Dealers on Carsales always do that. It's so ****ing annoying. You find something you are interested in and ticks all the right boxes and then you look at the interior photo and you find its an auto. GAH!
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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