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Trawling through Carpoint rehashed now with yellow sportwagon

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As most of us know Holden always samples it's new colours on some random model, like Atomic and Crunch just before they were released. Now that Crunch has been "retired" and Holden seems to be at MY09.87 with it's updates (I'm an avid trainspotter) I thought I'd have a gander through Carpoint for any other updates/possible future changes.

Found this. The colour is called Hazard. I'm a little meh. I don't know if yellow suits the sedan. I didn't like it on the VZ sedan either.

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Re: Trawling through Carpoint

Yeah, that yellow is a bit putrid. I have to admit that I like the alto grey and that Tiger Mica II. I can see that orange as a sport wagon with sandman decals on the back :D
Re: Trawling through Carpoint

How about this one?

Ship side grey (as we'd call it in the fleet:D)
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Re: Trawling through Carpoint

To be honest, I kinda like it
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I like Yellow........

Talk about unfulfilled potential. Where is the trispoke mags and massive rear wing for the GTS-R?:D
The yellow wagon kicks arse. Yellow Sedan looks crap....not your one monaroSS, I meant the standard version :D
**** yeah! That's hot.
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Sure it didn't turn into Cobra? Mrs. mak still thinks it's dead sexy and continues to tell me how she is still thinking about "her" wagon. :D

The Holden dealer in marooka seems to be a dumpiong ground for test colours as well. I've seen a Morpheus VZ exec wagon (not good) and a crunch VE Omega sedan. Haven't been down those parts for a while though.
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We are going for a pre-approval for the house at the moment, so I still have to wait until we get a fixed price contract for construction etc. etc. mrs. mak is still pretty keen, but we just found out that my brother in-laws in-law runs a Skoda dealer in Brisvegas.

So if the house works out, we'll still need to discuss which way we want to go.
Possibly the toughest old school munro I've seen :yup:
nota said:
Btw from Brand-Evil I know, but I'm sure you and others will enjoy this excellent (UK!) page re unusual Oz factory colours
From merely weird Kwikasair Violet to the downright bizzare Aviation Surface Orange ?!?! rofl
C.U.B. Brown!
"I allus was wan at eleven":lmao:

Oh yeah, 193MPH in a munro :eek:
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I still haven't taken the opportunity to test drive one yet (trying to exhibit some self control and justify the finances before I let a salesman make me think I've pressured him into a good deal :lmao:). I have heard that the wagon already has better body control than the sedan, so I'll have to check whether the stiffer spec is too stiff (which obviously means testing an SV6, again the self control thing :rolleyes:). I would like the country suspension, but as per my previous warblings, the omission of LSD is equal parts frustration and disappointment.

This is a pretty good deal!
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I couldn't find the Sunroof option for any wagon, however, I did find that you can't get the rear view camera with a V8! :confused:

Also, ordering the DVD player from the factory options list, saves you a gorilla, over dealer fitted option. :ponder:
That's hot!

"Michelin used to give me four new [XAS] tyres for the race. I'd firstly fit them to the car and run them around on the road to make sure they were a good, sound set of tyres. Then I'd take them down to Bandag and they'd spin them up on a high speed shredder and buff the tread off down to a depth of 2mm and that was the secret to getting good lap times and minimal wear.

On that one set of buffed Michelins, we drove the Monaro from Wyong down to Sandown, did the [250 mile] race, drove it home and changed the tyres diagonally. Then we drove to Bathurst and did the whole [500 mile] race on them as well, but I must admit they were starting to get a little thin towards the end of the race because a couple of the wires were starting to show through."
:lmao: That's hard core. :D
Damn, that's pretty keen scrutineering, though once you've looked at something enough times, even the profile of a bumper bar becomes easy to audit.
According to the details, it only has a Radio Cassette :confused:

5.7l 6 speed manual VX Exec. He's asking $12,800 which is sort of steep but it's pretty neat and clearly has FE2. Shame it's in Perth.

In other news, mrs. mak nearly got whiplash when we drove passed a parked SV6 in Poison Ivy. Next time I'll try not to brake so hard. :D

What the devil is going on here? This SV6 appears to have the 175kw Donk (as identified by the silver manifold, vs. black on the 195 dual VVT).

Here's a "real" one. Note that the Red example also doesn't sport the Alloytec195 badge on the front guard.
Yes, but that is for the VE series. The SV6 in the link is a VZ model. I actually saw another one today. A red SV6 without engine badges. Odd.
Finally found an SV6 with Challenge wheels. First time I've actually seen them fitted.
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Nothing pisses me off more than people advertising their automatic vehicles as manuals! GRRRRRR!
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