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Trawling through Carpoint rehashed now with yellow sportwagon

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As most of us know Holden always samples it's new colours on some random model, like Atomic and Crunch just before they were released. Now that Crunch has been "retired" and Holden seems to be at MY09.87 with it's updates (I'm an avid trainspotter) I thought I'd have a gander through Carpoint for any other updates/possible future changes.

Found this. The colour is called Hazard. I'm a little meh. I don't know if yellow suits the sedan. I didn't like it on the VZ sedan either.

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Booran Holden, where I got my car, seems to pick up a lot of ex-GM cars, including some colour trial vehiclas. I've seen a Pulse Red (CV8-R colour) VY SS, Morpheus VZ, a yellow VZ sedan (not HSV 6000, same colour). On the road in 2005 I've seen a metallic white with touch of green Monaro - sort of a Koolmint colour. Looked nice.

The place that makes low volume Holden plastics, like the HSV turtles and body kits and made all the Monaro and HSV fascias in Seaford, Vic, has 10,000 litres of a yucky metallic Military yellow-brown-green - think vomit mixed with baby cack. Holden ordered it and paid for it - just before they cancelled Adventra. I can't imagine any car being painted this colour, it's really awful!
Re: Trawling through Carpoint

Nah this was ;) (Warwick Yellow)

Ain't that the duck's nuts.

Hate the HK taillights, love everything else about it - apart from the fly-apart banjo diff,,,
Where's that - McPhillamy? What a great shot - the three Munros in front of four XWs. What a kick in the slats for Henry! Never seen that shot before -did you or your dad take that one, Nota?

Love the 'battery strap bonnet ties' on the red one.

Just imagine racing up and down that mountain - 1/2" solid 9" discs and drums on the back for six-seven hours! Pulling up down the bottom of Conrod from 150mph! Those blokes had balls!

It's no wonder Falcodores handle good when you think about this legacy.

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