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Transmission Cooler

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Does anyone have experience with tranny coolers and heavy loads? I have a 2007 Tahoe that I use to do frequent light towing. I'm going to start using it for a lot heavier towing (5000 to 7000 pounds total) and realize I need to install a transmission cooler (it didn't come with one factory).
Someone told me I need to go with an OEM-style tranny cooler instead of the cheaper aluminum-fin-type coolers. I'm leaving at the end of the week for a trip to Colorado, towing to 10,000+ feet of altitude pulling a 5000 pound load, so I need to get something installed fast.
A local transmission franchise company called AAMCO Transmissions has universal kits they can install, but I'm feeling like I should steer clear of any thing like a "universal kit"...
Can anyone help, please?
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Yeah, I would steer clear of those universal kits. They will most likely be a fin and tube design, which isn't bad, but there is better. The stacked plate design like a B&M is much better and are still cheap. You can get them pretty cheap on
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