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I had ordered an 2022 Silverado Custom CC LB 4x4 6.6 gas on 12/22/21. Due to constraints and lack of allocation, it is now June 2022 and my truck has not been accepted for production. One of the items on constraint has been the trailer mirrors with power fold (RPO code DWI). My dealer contacted me last week and informed me that GM will not be building any more long bed trucks this model year so if I want that it will have to turn into a 2023 model. I went in to the dealer and went over the new 23 build sheet and was assured that all of the options I want are not on constraint for the 23 model so I agreed to the new order even though he did not even have pricing yet, with the assurance that they will treat me as well as they can. Original order was at MSRP.

This week I discovered, on the GM Global site and confirmed on the GM fleet order site, that The DWI trailer mirrors are being replaced with the DWC mirrors, same except with out the power fold, due to continued unavailability.
I am extremely disappointed because that is a very desirable option, that I want, on such a big truck.
Apparently I will have to accept the truck with out the DWI mirrors if it gets built before they become available.
I am very unhappy about this!

Just curious if anyone out there knows why these mirrors are unavailable?
And are you aware that if you are waiting on a truck to be built that it won't have the power fold mirrors?
Also it appears that there is no after market option available either.
Just can't wrap my head around why these are not available! I can only imagine there is a small electric motor and gear set to drive folding operation, or could it be a chip problem to control the operation?
Any information would be appreciated.
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