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I picked up the latest issue of Trailer Boats magazine this weekend, and found their Tow Vehicle of the Year testing. They restricted it to half-ton pickups with tow ratings of 8000 lbs. or higher. Dodge and Toyota wouldn't/couldn't field anything, so it was a battle between Silverado, F150, and Titan.

Titans have been blowing away all competitors in terms of acceleration, including the Hemi, in most tests I've seen, and while they chose the Titan as the winner, the stats show the Silverado was very close in performance, actually out-accelerating the Nissan when not loaded, and in one or two of the towing tests. They pulled a 7850 lb. boat and trailer.

While the F150 and Titan were crew cabs, the Chevy was an extended cab. But the Chevy had Quadrasteer, which should put it's weight very close to a crew cab, non-Quadrasteer pickup, so I think the comparison is valid.

It seems clear that the Titan was helped in most situations by it's 5-speed automatic. It doesn't appear that all the stats are in the online article, but the Chevy also turned in the best gas mileage.

Key to the Chevy's good showing here IMO is the fact that it had the 4.10 axle. Chevy should be sending out all of it's press fleet with this axle, as it helps performance considerably, and still takes top gas mileage honors.
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