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Rented a TrailBlazer EXT (I6) for the day yesterday.
It felt like it had the power, but did not really "go" as
much as I would think it should for a 275/275 engine.

Do the new Atlas engines, with their ETS, take into
account engine load and limit the power output? I'm
pretty disappointed in the TB if that was max power.

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I'm comparing with my 4.3 S10 pickup.

S10 = 175/240 V6, 3400#, 3.42 gears
EXT = 275/275 I6, 4800#, ???? gears

Obviously my power/weight ratio is better
in the S10, but I was expecting more from
the EXT (especially since it can tow more).

Maybe the EXT had the base gears and it
would be better with the optional 3.73s or
even 4.10s. The I6 does want to rev up.
(I assume stock EXT gears are the 3.42s.)

Just my personal opinion. I would want to
drive an I6 with lower gears and the V8 to
compare them before making a purchase.

I know the Hemi in the Rams limits power
based on load, so I was curious if the new
I6 does the same, since they're both ETS.

PS- The TB is a gorgeous SUV. I am unable
to think of any other SUV that looks as good.
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