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Traiblazer Seatbelts Locking up

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I was wondering if anyone else owned a traiblazer or Envoy and have had the passenger seatbelt lock up for no reason. I thought that they were only supposed to lock up when you hit the brakes. And if you guys have had problems, has anyone taken it back to the dealer maybe for warranty work and have they been able to fix it. I just wanted to know before I decided to take our Extended Traiblazer in, since it will be the one I will be keeping longer, since we will be trading my Traiblazer in for the GTO. I am just tired of both trucks seatbelts it gets very annoying at times. Thanks for whomever can help.
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My wife's 02 LT has the same problem....I have heard and read in Car & Driver and Motor Trend of the same problem....and the dealer fixed them both under warranty. I was going to take hers in to have fixed - but we decided to trade for 04 Z-71 Tahoe.

Im sure one of these guys at this site has the TSB # - if there is one. If no response here...check
I have a 1996 Jimmy with this same seatbelt problem.
this is the only reference I have found.
the person it effects is quite large. the solution to the
problem was that she won't ride with me. I inquire at 2 dealers.
the first couldn't duplicate the problem-so couln't fix it. the 2nd
said it was because the passenger seatbelt is set to lock when a
child car seat is in use.
Actually that makes sense, you wouldn't want it to be flexible like
a person moving around would.
There is a TSB on the passenger seat belt cinching up or being to tight.

Year: 2002
Service Bulletin Number: 020940003
NHTSA Item Number: 10000079
Summary Description:

Hope this helps.

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I had a simular problem with my 03 Tahoe. It turned out I had to get "free of charge from GM" a couple of seatbelt extensions as my two occupants are of the larger variety.

Our 98 Cavalier did that, so did our 2001 Malibu, and our current 2003 Malibu does it as well.

Passenger is on the large side as well.
Thanks everyone for your input. We got rid of our one trailblazer so we don't have to worry about it anymore, but our other one still does it. It has done it to Branden when I was driving and he is not on the large side so I think it might be a problem but I am too lazy to take it to the dealer, but I will before the warranty goes up. :) Thanks
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