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Originally posted by thehollywoodhotel@Feb 9 2004, 05:03 PM
if 44% of the buyers are buying Toyota vans, then there can't be really to much wrong in terms of styling!
How many Venture/Montana vans is GM selling. Toyota will take first spot away from GM, and your local GM dealer will still be able to sell you one, even with the new replacements on the way.

Don't get me wrong i am a GM fan, i grew up with GM's but if they aren't careful they are going to have the butts handed to them by Toyota.

the jump dosen't suprise me, it's going to take a lot to stop the freight train that Toyota is right now!
Think for a second about who buys minivans. They don't care that much about styling. Chrysler invented that market, but there's honestly not that big a difference from the original minivans to the ones of today. Those who buy a minivan generally care about the following things (in order of importance) - safety, reliability, comfort, price. Ford has held the safety crown for awhile with the Windstar, and now with the Freestar (changing the name was a stupid move), and their advertising has pounded that point home with a lot of buyers. But of course Toyota has this perceived advantage on reliability, so yes, they've gained a lot there.

I'm only vaguely aware of the existance of minivans, as the only reason I'd ever own one is to create a riced-out shaggin' wagon (I know, I'm weird like that).

Back to the main point of this article, however. Toyota is basking in the well-earned glory of all this, but their days as #2 are limited. Mark my words, by the end of 2004, Ford will be back in the rightful #2 spot, and within the decade, Toyota will be a much more distant 3rd (I hold no hopes for a DCX rebound into #3 without some major direction changes for Dodge and Chrysler).
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