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Toyota Tries to Get Truck Buyers

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Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. plans to announce today, April 19, a three-year marketing agreement that makes Toyota the official truck brand of Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Marine Group, a worldwide builder of fishing boats.

"We want to increase our full-sized truck share in the Midwest and South and get on the consideration list of people who purchase domestic trucks," says Steve Jett, Toyota's manager of national car advertising and event promotions.

The agreement with Bass Pro Shops, one of the nation's largest outdoor retailers, is Toyota's latest effort to win the attention of shoppers in the nation's heartland. Last year, the automaker opened its first U.S. V-8 engine plant near Huntsville, Ala. In January, it broke ground on a San Antonio plant where it will build full-sized pickups beginning in 2006.

In February, Toyota started racing the Tundra in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series.

"We believe that you have to connect with the lifestyle and the interest of your prospective buyer," Jett says. "And we want buyers to see that we have the products to meet what they want."

Nationally, the number of days a Tundra typically remained on a dealership lot fell from 60 to 39 between mid-2001 and the first three months of 2004, according to data from Power Information Network.

The truck is selling well in cities such as Atlanta; Dallas; and Tampa and Orlando, Fla.; and in such states as Tennessee and Oklahoma, the data suggest.

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:kama: arnt they already the truck of chioce for the forest service in texas? i think i heard that about a year ago, seriously, the government should buy domestic products, keep the money at home!

i dont car if its ford chevy or dodge as long as it goes to an american company not to the japanees.
seems like the harder to sell products get pushed as fleets. toyota probably has no choice, and companies and governments cant resist the savings they are probably being offered by toyota. sure if cost wasnt an issue, a domestic would be 1st choice.
I agree what you say up above but regardless, I bet Toyota will gain big time in the truck market with in just a few years. The way things are going today I bet Toyota will be niping Gm arse in over all sales in around the year 2009, . (Not that I want that to happen or any thing, it just looks likely... so sad...)
That Bass Pro store is just two hours away from me, I go there all the time!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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