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toyota meets grand prix

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today a girl i work with was leaveing work when akid in a grand prix ran the light and hit her corolla. took the bumper clean off the toyota and the front plate was stuck in the door of the grand prix. both where takeing to the hospital and both cars had to be taken out on a flat bed. heres some pics from my cell phone. ooh the girls mom is a manager at are work and was there when it happen.

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The Corolla looks like it took the full blow. Its amazing how mangled up it is. This is where you should realize that there is not as much protection between you and a crash as you think that there is. Sites like these are why I will not drive a car. The frame of the truck helps to absorb the impact and it is more substancial. I'll take a fuel economy hit to keep me that much safer just in case of this.
The opposite is actually often true. The frame does not absorb the impact as well and transfers more of the impact to the driver. This is the reason crumple zones exist, the Corolla's front crumpled so easily for a reason, to absorb the energy of the impact so the occupants don't have to.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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