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I\'m not surprised the tundra is selling horribly. Looks like everyone got the message about tailgates, camshafts, the works.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but Toyota Tundra sales have actually gone up in March 08 compared to March 07, and YTD compared to YTD 07.

At the same time, both Silverado and Sierra sales are down in the same measure.

Here are the numbers:

Toyota Tundra

March08..... 14,311
March07..... 13,196
Change: +8.5%

YTD March08..... 40,784
YTD March07..... 29,186
Change: +39.7%

Chevrolet Silverado
March08..... 46,063
March07..... 61,122
Change: -24.6%

YTD March08..... 132,648
YTD March07..... 168,010
Change: -21%

GMC Sierra
March08..... 15,919
March07..... 16,503
Change: -3.5%

YTD March08..... 44,207
YTD March07..... 47,790
Change: -7.5%


So, based on your assumption, more people must have found about "the works" for Silverado/Sierra, right?

Last year, people here were crying how the March07 sales had many 06 Tundras, because the new Tundras by itself couldn't achieve the sales number. Well, looking at the March 08 numbers, it is evident that Toyota is secretly producing the old Tundras so that their sales numbers would increase:rolleyes:


410 Posts
So GM has hadrly built a truck onver a month and Toyota hasn't capitalized on surprise. :rolleyes:
It's not like not building a truck over a month resulted in a countrywide shortage of GM trucks. GM truck sales actually went down, you know?

By the way Uzzy, thanks for all your help at the Saturn forum. I was able to replace/repair a bunch of things in my superPOS 97 SC2. It's someone else's problem now. A month after I sold it, the new buyer called and told me that it burns 3 quarts of oil every 200 miles.
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