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I believe the plant has 3100 permanent Toyota workers and the rest are temps or contract workers. Toyota is reported to be trying to have the temps allowed to vote. Too bad for Toyota, they don't treat the temps the same as Toyota workers or give them the same benefits or pay. They consider them disposable, until now. Maybe they will hire them all to give them the votes. Good for the temps. (it takes over 30 months to become a full time employee at Toyota, if ever)

Toyota has been watching the CAW so closely, they must have missed this union organizing quietly. Classic head fake by the two unions.

No union would ever have a chance to sign any members, if Toyota fulfilled their "promises" for pay, benefits and working conditions. Their problem is that it is all Toyota rhetoric painting a public picture of bliss and harmony. People want a union there because they must feel they need one, given their treatment in the plant.

The sister Woodstock plant is still under construction (opening delayed until the late fall) and may be part of the organizing drive. The plant has been in hiring mode, but after going through 60,000 applications, they are having a difficult time finding 700 "appropriate" applicants. Everyone I know who has taken time off work and gone through a series of 6 or 7 interviews has received a letter in the mail saying they don't fit the Toyota profile, whatever that is. No one seems to know, and Toyota isn't saying. These people come from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and all education backgrounds, and still they get "no thanks" letters in the mail.

Good luck to Toyota as they burn all the residual good feelings they have left in this area. Taxes are going up to support their infrastructure, traffic will increase dramatically, additional freight rail lines will cause more noise, and very few local jobs will materialize. Locals aren't impressed so far. Oh, they also dumped a mansion, which was located on their property to the taxpayers. They "donated" it to a local hospice. Now it needs millions of dollars to renovate it to standards. I wonder if Toyota got a nice tax refund with that deal. Smart people, those Toyota guys.

Most people in this area, think they have been conned by Toyota.

The local mayor, who was pumping the deal, will likely lose his job.

I only know a few people who work in the Cambridge plant and they all hate the place. They say they are saving up their money and getting out as soon as possible. Alas, they will probably fall into the house and kids trap and have to stay there forever.

Toyota talks the talk but they don't walk the walk.

Just the way I, and a lot of fellow citizens, see it.

I worked at GM for a career and despite their faults, GM was a good place to work. We could argue endlessly about the pay and benefits, but it still would have been a good job at half the wages.

I doubt anyone could say the same at Toyota.
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