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To GM: Please don’t let the Volt your Ro 80

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Neat little story of a failed car of the sixties, I had never heard of, under developed, and failed!! GM, learn from it :)

"America is getting behind General Motors. That’s why you’ll see so much press on the Volt. We want to be at the forefront of automotive technology, and we haven’t had a homerun in a while. With that kind of pressure comes a great responsibility to make sure that it is keeping its eyes on the big picture.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This George Santayana quote is so over used I almost hate myself for using it, but when thinking about the Chevrolet Volt, it’s too appropriate to discard. General Motors is bringing a revolutionary idea to the hybrid car market by using lithium-ion batteries to make an electric car that has a supplemental gas engine. It’s a leap forward that reminds me of another revolutionary car, the NSU Ro 80."
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Fun fact: That little triangular window between the rear door and the C-pillar on modern Audis actually dates back to the Ro 80.

Is this something you know, or percieve? Either way, i BARELY see it. Styling attributes can be borrowed from many sources, especially this far apart via time.
I know this. Audi took over NSU in '69, and every Audi sedan designed after 1972 has this window, without exception.
Okay understood, for some reason I thought you meant the shape of the window, but you meant the window itself!! Thank you for clarifying!! Cheers

Pay attention, 91!

And I see someone still hasn't fixed the thread title...

(taps foot....)
?? I was simply conversing w/ a fellow member, calm it. Plus the title of the thread was just a copy paste situation from the article at time of posting.
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