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This is a minor niggling complaint, but the "Chevrolet" emblem used on the back of pickups, etc. The names like "Blazer", "Express", etc. have changed to a new italic script that I kinda like, but the Chevrolet emblem is the same as it was probably back in 1993. One is kind of a brushed aluminum, the other a half-heartedly chromed piece. Look at the Dodge Ram emblems. Now THOSE are some nice looking bits of trim, in my opinion.

It's like someone at GM:

1. Didn't think the total design through clearly
2. Felt the old emblem still has appeal
3. Was too cheap to change the design
4. Had a couple hundred thousand old emblems in boxes and wants to use them up

I haven't seen many other brands that are taking this one foot in the past, one in the present tact with the brand and model name emblems.

What is up with it? It's not like Chevy hasn't changed its logo before and it is a sacred design or something.
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