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I really don't see the benefit of a diesel compared to the new 5.3 and 6.2. For eco or must-be-the-best-mpg people, then I get it why the Ram diesel is selling. Great for them. But around here in the NE, diesel fuel is $1.00 more than regular per gallon. So for my crude math, it is no benefit.
Pre-low sulfer diesel, this Ram diesel would be a game changer, cause diesel was $1.00 less a gallon. Maybe that's why GM scraped it.
The benefit is the giant chrome DIESEL badge they'll get to stick on the fender. Then all the coal rollers with more money than brains will eat them up. Just like Ford's EcoBoost.

Do you know how many idiots I've had to listen to blab about how badass EcoBoost was compared to GM's V8 when they debuted? Facts and numbers don't matter here.

Its a perception thing that GM is struggling with. RAM or Ford aren't giving their customers anything better or worse than GM, it just really looks that way from 30,000 feet when somebody shows some guts and try something new.
1 - 3 of 91 Posts
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