America was crawling out from the crippling oil crisis, Ronald Regan was on the verge of becoming president, and the A-body would shortly become known as the G-body. Welcome to 1980!

Step back nearly 40 years in time thanks to this dealer training video detailing the 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Malibu, an "acoustically engineered driving environment" with simulated wood grain accents in selected areas. The Malaise Era is strong with this one.

The film comes to us almost purely by happenstance, the uploader found it recorded on the back of an old Laserdisc set containing Saturday Night Fever, literally, you can't make this stuff up.

From the video description:
I recently bought a Discovision Laserdisc set of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER at a second hand shop for $1. It was from 1979 and the film was recorded over 3 discs (between 20 and 25 minutes a side). 5 sides of the discs contained the film, but side 6 (Disc 3, Side 2) was apparently 'dead', as the discs label stated there was no material on that side. I had heard that early laserdiscs had random material recorded on their 'dead' sides, but were covered with a light film, so it couldn't be played. So, I removed the film with rubbing alcohol and then buffed the disc out. What was on that 'dead' side is what is presented here. It's a General Motors show reel and sales training reel. The 1980 Monte Carlo and Malibu models are featured. The disc had English language in the left speaker and Spanish in the right speaker. I've included only the English Audio here. I hope you enjoy this amazing rarity!