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Thoughts on GM engine lineup...

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So, I know there's a TON of engines GM has, some that are a bit of an overlap from the others.

What do you guys think of this engine lineup, as I use in the My Ideal Lineup series?

DI Ecotec 1.6L - 140 HP
DI Ecotec 2.4L 0 -180-200 HP
DI Ecotec Turbo 1.8L - 240 HP
DI Ecotec Turbo 2.0L - 300 HP

DI 2.8L - 260 HP
DI 3.6L - 320 HP
DI S/C 3.6L - 380-400 HP

DI 5.3L - 350-400 HP
DI LS3 - 450 HP
DI LS7 - 550 HP
DI LSA - 600 HP
DI LS9 - 650-700 HP
DI Northstar II/Ultra 4.6L - 350 HP
DI NII/U 5.0L - 450 HP
DI S/C NII/U 5.0L - 560-600 HP

"Mightytec" 1600 - 150 HP/220-240 lbs-tq
"Mightytec" 1800 - 200 HP/280-300 lbs-tq
Duramax 6800 - 380 HP/700-750 lbs-tq
(Used "Mightytec" as thats what I've called it in my series, but w/e GM would call it...)

Now, I'm not listing any V10+ for now. Thoughts? Improvements? Your own ideas? Please post!
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3.6 is more likely to be a turbo that S/C as the work has already been done on this engine family for Saab (the 2.8 turbo) and should be relatively easy to apply to the 3.6.

The ultra engine family is dead ... GM should consolodate efforts around the LS architecture. Any suggestions on how to extend this for a truly premium car powerplant?

GM is rumoured to have tested a v-12 based on the HFV6 family -- this could be an alternative to trying to make the LS extend to premium applications. Thus Cadillac could have a [email protected] 320 hp, a turbo [email protected] and [email protected]+ hp all based off the same basic family of engines.

Someone asked about the turbo 3 -- isn't that the IC power generator for the Volt?
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