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Thoughts on GM engine lineup...

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So, I know there's a TON of engines GM has, some that are a bit of an overlap from the others.

What do you guys think of this engine lineup, as I use in the My Ideal Lineup series?

DI Ecotec 1.6L - 140 HP
DI Ecotec 2.4L 0 -180-200 HP
DI Ecotec Turbo 1.8L - 240 HP
DI Ecotec Turbo 2.0L - 300 HP

DI 2.8L - 260 HP
DI 3.6L - 320 HP
DI S/C 3.6L - 380-400 HP

DI 5.3L - 350-400 HP
DI LS3 - 450 HP
DI LS7 - 550 HP
DI LSA - 600 HP
DI LS9 - 650-700 HP
DI Northstar II/Ultra 4.6L - 350 HP
DI NII/U 5.0L - 450 HP
DI S/C NII/U 5.0L - 560-600 HP

"Mightytec" 1600 - 150 HP/220-240 lbs-tq
"Mightytec" 1800 - 200 HP/280-300 lbs-tq
Duramax 6800 - 380 HP/700-750 lbs-tq
(Used "Mightytec" as thats what I've called it in my series, but w/e GM would call it...)

Now, I'm not listing any V10+ for now. Thoughts? Improvements? Your own ideas? Please post!
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Gas miser 4 banger: Small displacement Turbo 4
General purpose 4 banger: 2.4 eco-tec making 200hp

Base V6 making 260-300hp: 3.6HF tuned to 280hp or so
Performance V6: DI 3.6HF tuned to 330+ hp

Base V8: LS3 making 400-430hp
Sport V8: ZR1 Engine
Lux V8: Northstar-II making 500+ hp
UltraLux V8: TwinTurbo Northstar-II making 700+hp
I think you're putting way too much emphasis on the Northstar. It has lived it's life, and all of it's oil-consuming/leaking/burning glory.
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