The Geo Tracker is pretty well known for being an amazing, slow, and tiny off-roader. But this one's a little different. Well, it's still tiny, but it's far from slow. This Tracker's made for the track. And it'll run nines.

The drag strip's still a track, right? Of course it is.

So what's been done to this 1993 Geo Tracker. Well, it's an LS swap. Because on a long enough timeline, everything gets an LS. Out is the 1.6L four that came from the factory. In, is a 6.0L LQ4 V8 with upgrades like a new cam and head studs.

That LS gets a big turbo too. Along with fuel system upgrades and an 8.8 Ford rear axle. The back tires are ready for the strip and are 275-wide 15-inch Mickey Thompson drag radials. There's a cage the seller says is good for 8.5 seconds because safety in something like this can't be overstated. It probably helps the chassis from twisting into a pretzel too.

The car's listed on Craigslist, because of course it is, in Las Vegas. Where suddenly a turbo LS Tracker doesn't seem so out of place.

The seller says the best time this Tracker has run is a 9.8-second quarter at 132 mph. Damn. The ad says it'll do a wheelie, too, though obviously, we'd need to verify that claim.

So why is it for sale? The ad says the owner has three turbo LS vehicles to work on. Which to us sounds just right, but to the seller is one too many. A nine-second streetable Tracker sound like a whole lot of fun. And may just be one of the few real sleepers left. Just don't bring a passenger cause that looks like an exhaust pipe running through the cabin.

Check out the listing on Craigslist.