Attention sports fans, this is the day you've been waiting 50 years for-- the Chevrolet Corvette finally has a mid-mounted-motor. Our friends over at AutoGuide even have proof.

According to the shooter, the mid-engine Corvette was snapped from over a mile away at the Milford Proving Grounds using a long telephoto lens and a 50.3 megapixel DSLR. GM has been careful to keep the car away from Peeping Toms (and drones), running it only at night.

Because of the distance most details remain forthcoming, however the early prototype does give some of the story away. Compared to it's C7 chapperone, the mid-engine 'Vette sports what seems to be a revised track and a large air intake where you would expect fastback glass.

Powertrain details are little more than speculation at this point. There are whispers the car could recieve a turbocharged, direct injected V6 kicking out the jams to a tune of 700 HP. Chevy reportedly wants to take down the Ford GT, Ferrari's 488 and the Lamborghini Huracan.

Racing savvy readers will note the coincidence of a mid-engine Corvette showing up hot on the heels of the Ford GT and Ferrari 488 running away at Le Mans earlier this month. If GM does go the turbocharged route expect it to be sub-4.0L, in compliance with the ACO's 2017 GTE-Pro regulations.

It's thought the car will make its debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show in time for a 2019 on sale date. Pricing is rumored to hover in the $400,000 range but don't quote us.

Is this sighting a rare oversight, or did GM cleverly let the mid-engine Corvette wander the playground, capitalizing on the flurry of Corvette news surrounding the Bowling Green plant expansion? Maybe...