So far, Chevrolet has only shown us the new Corvette ZR1 equipped with the hardcore ZTK Performance Package. 

Chevy has told us the ZR1 will come stock with a low-drag wing, but the company hasn't bothered to release any pictures. Except one. 

Upgrading to the optional ZTK track pack brings a rear pedestal wing that dominates the rear deck, new end plates for the carbon front splitter, stickier rubber, plus bespoke chassis and suspension tuning. It would also seem, the black wheels shown in ZR1 press images are unique to the ZTK pack. 

Based on this image and previous spy shots, it would seem base model ZR1's will instead get aluminum finished wheels in the same swept-back, five-star design as ZTK equipped cars. Besides the paint, ZTK cars will replace the standard car's Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flats with a set of high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubbers. Sizes will be identical, making upgrades more than possible. 

Chevrolet has also released more technical details about the Corvette's new supercharged LT5 V8. Nearly 85-percent of the ZR1's 715 lb.-ft. of torque are available from 2200 rpm to redline. The majority of the LT5's performance gains are due to the larget Eaton supercharger ever developed, Chevy says the high-flow efficiency 4-lobe design produces a peak boost pressure of 13 psi. The new blower offers 52% more displacement than the LT4's smaller blower, while capable of maintaining peak effectiveness at higher RPM. 

Lastly, Chevrolet was forced to develop a larger throttle body to cope with the performance upgrades, the team created a new 95 mm bore throttle body in order to keep pace with the LT5's large displacement supercharger and dual fuel injection system. 

Now all that's missing is an official price and 0-60 numbers.