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For some reason, I just decided to surf over to and see what was new, and what did I see but a preview of the Terazza. Looks better than the press release photo posted a few days ago, but still nothing terribly exciting. The interior is where I was a little surprised. I saw the center stack stereo controls and had to remind myself I was looking at a GM vehicle.

See for yourself (below) - Definately does not look like it's from GM and definately looks much different than what was given to the new Malibu. I like it, if only the materials match the quality appearance.

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It is very sweet. A round of applause to the designers at GM or Delphi or whoever is responsible for this interior. This is what all GM interiors, save maybe Chevies, should look like though - given that KIA, Hyundai, and Daewoo produce interiors like this:

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